We are KTC

We are the ones who help our customers create a more sustainable way of living. Day by day, step by step, we move towards our vision. We do it together – with courage, flexibility and quality.

“You just have to be courageous.”

– Conny, Gothenburg

“A satisfied customer is proof of good quality.”

– Peter, Gothenburg

“Flexibility is about being responsive and not getting stuck in old habits.”

– Joakim, Gothenburg

“Courage is an ambition to evolve. We support and help each other.”

– Elmira, Gothenburg

≈170 million SEK in turnover


Strong growth since 2017, both in terms of market shares and turnover.

From about 100 million SEK to this day – 170.

KTC Group today has more than 80 employees spread over three regions.

We have approximately 25,000 – 30,000 KTC facilities in operation

Sweden, Norway and China